Flying Beyond, 2nd Edition

Flying Beyond, 2nd Edition

$89.95 CAD

This excellently-written commercial ground school textbook, Flying Beyond: The Canadian Commercial Pilot Textbook, is the perfect educational segue from From the Ground Up into the higher standards required of students seeking their commercial pilot licence.
Authored by experienced and respected Canadian ground school instructor, Chris Hobbs, Flying Beyond takes readers further than what they merely need to know to pass their commercial written examination. While conscientiously fulfilling this latter requirement, Flying Beyond’s content is specifically written to take students forward on a career path as highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and thoroughly-educated professional aviators.

​The topics in Flying Beyond are presented in the order given in Transport Canada’s syllabus. Subjects include: Human Factors (Psychological and Physiological), Theory of Flight, Airframes and Engines, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, Meteorology, Weather Reports and Forecasting, Pilot Navigation and Radio Navigation, Flight Operations, Air Law, and much more.

​Each chapter is enhanced with compelling anecdotes that serve as excellent “real-world” learning tools that put subject matter into greater perspective for readers. Furthermore, examples abound throughout the book to further consolidate the understanding of subject matter. Finally, frequently placed “exam hints” direct students to pay special attention so as to be better prepared to take the written commercial examination.

​Whether seeking to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to earn a commercial licence, or setting out on a career path in aviation, Flying Beyond serves both needs comprehensively. For students seeking more, Flying Beyond provides it: beyond what you learned for your private licence, and deeply into the broader knowledge-base required to get your commercial licence.

​From the Ground Up is the definitive source and foundation to get students aloft. Flying Beyond is the conclusive base to advance those students, and take them further afield and well into the professional realm.